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James Murphy

James Murphy

Managing Director

James' career experience supporting his position as Managing Director Texo Compliance spans 30 years operating in the UK and internationally in oil and gas regions, both onshore & offshore.

His knowledge and experience gained in Africa, the Middle East and Central Asia and has been particularly useful in developing and directing Texo Compliance in its International Operations.

Moving from the Military into Oil & Gas construction and production operations James has worked on a variety of major projects including; Large Diameter Pipelines (On-shore & Off-shore), Production Platform Construction, Nuclear and Conventional Power Stations, Refineries and supporting infra-structure, as well as Renewable Energy projects. In support of these industries he has held positions such as; HSEQ Manager, HSEQ Director, VP HSEQ and Security and Managing Director for a number of major service, drilling and construction companies.

James has created and managed a large successful Training and Consultancy business that services the Energy Industry both in the United Kingdom and the international market place bringing together expertise in Training Development, Training Program delivery and Competence Assurance Processes, often delivered in austere an difficult environments.

James Murphy

Jamie Murphy

Operations Director

Working in the Oil & Gas industry for seven years in the areas of Health and Safety Training, Competency and Compliance consultancy, Jamie has worked internationally, predominantly in West and East Africa.

Principal responsibilities have included managing and running training programmes for IOC's and Regional Operators onshore and offshore in the Energy Sector. He has assisted with nationalisation training in emerging energy markets to transfer knowledge from expatriates to local nationals.

As well as the management of training delivery, Jamie has worked on several major projects in the oil and gas sector as an HSE Professional allowing him to understand the application and necessity for the training that is provided and what is required in terms of international regulations and Standards.

With a dual role as Business Development Director for Texo Compliance, Jamie has significant experience engaging and presenting to Senior Management of IOC's, EPcms and senior political persons such as Trade Envoys to the UK Prime Minister, Ambassadors, High Commissioners and senior members of UK Department for International Trade in international emerging energy markets.

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Giving Back

At Texo Compliance we participate in corporate giving. Supporting individual causes, as well as education, environmental, and civic organisations, we prefer to focus on communities where our employees live or work. When considering requests, we favor organisations and efforts that are most likely to enhance a community's economic vitality, improve the quality of life for its citizens or enhance the environment.

The key objectives of our corporate giving program are:

  • to provide support to charitable and environmental organisations within our communities
  • to maintain a reasonable balance of contributions supporting a wide range of organisations

Corporate Giving

We believe in returning to society some of the benefits that we receive as a business. As people, we know what matters locally and we support groups and charities within areas and communities in which we operate projects.

We recognise the importance of giving and do our best to assist where we can.


Interacting and caring for our home communities is important to us and we encourage all Texo Compliance employees to engage in community projects by giving time, resources and commitment to maximise the benefits of our support.

Through individual giving and volunteer efforts, our employees always find new ways to contribute to the communities in which they live and work. This commitment to making a difference fuels a strong sense of belonging and pride in our company.