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Competence, Assured

Inadequate Competence Management may already be costing your business much more than you think.

The hidden costs of competency

The hidden costs of competency

The inadequate management of competence has been proven to contribute to large scale disasters and at worst, cause workplace fatalities, as well as costing organisations time and money and damage to reputation.

Texo Compliance are industry leaders in the provision of Competence Assurance Services. With our team of experienced and talented Competence Assurance professionals and our innovative appraisal and verification processes, tied into our software packages, we are able to provide a full suite of competence assurance support structured around you needs.

The complete competence solution

The complete competence solution

Here at Texo Compliance we understand the critical importance of Competence Assurance and support the Energy Industry by delivering consultancy both in the UK and internationally. We provide turnkey Competence Assurance project management support, including; analysing customers' existing structures and systems, identifying appropriate competence standards for their industry or regulatory/Jurisdictional requirements.

We offer Assessor and Verifier Skills training for those supporting in-house programmes. Training and Assessments are carried out by our highly experienced team of Competence Assessors, verifiers (Internal & External)and Competence Assurance Trainers in the UK and internationally (both on and offshore).

Our range of Competence services include:

  • Creation of competence profiles and standards for specific disciplines
  • Development of Competence Assurance Systems
  • Development & Verification of job descriptions
  • Development of Training Needs Analysis
  • Management of Competence Assurance Training Programmes
  • Management of Competence Assurance Programmes
  • Performing Competence Assurance Systems Gap Analysis
  • Provision of Assessors and Internal Verifiers
  • Training of Assessors and Internal Verifiers (In-House)
  • 'Minerva', Interim Competence Management System for the Resourcing and Recruitment Industry

To find out how we can help improve your systems and workplace competence, get in touch.