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Local Content

Hitting targets for local workforce integration in developing countries is much easier with a skilled, measurable workforce. Texo Compliance provide a comprehensive system to effectively manage and evaluate National workforces, ensuring increased levels of safety and quality awareness, whilst reducing costs.

Competent, Innovative, Experienced

What sets our system apart from the competition?

  • A major step towards development of competence of operational personnel.
  • Bespoke and adaptable to any type of company.
  • Addresses cultural and technical aspects of building a professional, conscious compliance-driven culture.
  • Integrated Leadership & Technical Skills Assessment.
  • Site/plant specific Core Skill Assessments.
  • Innovative assessment processes not currently used in the industry to date.
  • The programme is delivered to best international standards.

These Texo Compliance's services enable your business to:

  • A major step towards development of competence of operational personnel
  • Reduce cost and timescales by pre-planning prior to start of projects
  • Transition expatriate workforce to national workforce
  • Meet international government targets on Nationalisation/Regulatory Compliance
  • Maintain consistent level of Learning and Development, from one provider
  • Evaluate workers and safety standards on-the-job, minimising time staff are off-site

Headaches from hitting tight deadlines and meeting Local Content requirements?

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